The Master Aetherius Speaks

“My Advisors, who have travelled your Earth quite a bit, tell me that many religious leaders in the Western regions of Terra actually know of the existence of the Law of Re-incarnation. Those people who know of these things and yet are not prepared to teach them, are guilty of a foul crime — a subtle one admittedly, but nevertheless a major crime. You have been told through countless ages that the greatest gift you can give to another man is to teach him how to reach up to that thing you call God. So, therefore, these people are lacking in their duty to their followers and to the world as a whole.

“The time will have to come when the Western religious leaders and teachers will have to take from Oriental teachers certain things which are acceptable to them and put them into practice. Theory is no good without practice; what good is it? It is useless. So our message to your religious leaders throughout the Western world is to be prepared to introduce into your teachings, Truths about Re-incarnation, so that you can give your followers a better, truer and more understandable picture of the Law which is God.

“If you leaders try to wrap this up, to hide it beneath a bushel, then you must be prepared to give up your positions to those people who are braver. The coming age demands bravery in all respects. I tell you this: no man or woman can realise One-ness without bravery. So all religious leaders must be brave enough to break away from the dogma which is only a small part of the Truth and be prepared to use the best which comes out of the East so that it can be practised in the West. The theory of the East and practice of the West is the perfect union; that is what we are trying to bring about in the New Age. We are trying to get the major factors in the West to put into practise the Ancient wisdom which dawns with the rising Sun…

“The time has come when certain cherished foundations must be torn up by the roots and cast onto the fire of discriminating Truth to be transmuted. The religious leaders of Terra have this responsibility in the coming age. Your Bible has to be re-written. It has to contain more of the Truth in a more understandable way than it does at present.

“It is the age of science. The greatest science upon this or any other Earth is the study of God. The greatest science upon this or any other Earth is religion. What greater study can there be? Knowledge of the real governing unchanging Laws brings man freedom from ignorance, freedom from want, freedom from disease, freedom from pain, freedom from the horrors of war, freedom from the baser aspects of his own mind and freedom from the prison created by materialistic accumulation — the most subtle prison of all. This is the only thing that will bring these freedoms. There is no other way to get them.

“If the Law of Re-incarnation was studied first and taught properly afterwards, then you would see war gradually die out on this Planet. A man would not go to war if he thought he may be killing someone who has been his own brother, his own blood relation, in a past life. The love of God, that some of you talk about so freely, can be made to live, can be made a vital existing thing upon Terra by the correct teaching of the basic Laws.

“I would say here and now that the religious teachers who are in high positions are doing themselves not only great injustice, but great personal harm. No, I would go further than that; I would say they are doing the world a great harm by withholding this most essential teaching at this time. So much Light is being poured upon this Earth that this Light will penetrate into the darkest corners of the mysterious archives and will cause these to be revealed to man. If the religious leaders were to reveal these now, in the correct way, they would keep their followings, they could fill their churches with people who wanted to go and pray for their brothers.

“If they do not reveal these things now, then these things will be revealed by other Leaders who will empty the churches throughout the world. They will have meetings upon the tops of hills and in barns.

“We feel rather strongly about this, because religion is the one method which has not been tried by Terra, yet it is the only method that can really succeed. By religion I do not mean dogma, I mean the real teachings of the Law. Not those foolish things made by man but the Laws laid down by the Great Architect of the Galactic System; Laws which are immutable and unchangeable and whether you agree with them or not, you have to accept them and abide by them. Any deviation from the path laid down by these Laws has its repercussions upon those people who deviate. There is no doubt at all about this.

“You see, we believe, after a certain study of Terra, that if your religious leaders took a brave step forward into the light of the New Age, they could bring about a great rise in consciousness which could put your people above such useless things as war, could rule out famine and alter the educational system of your world, could transmute your present-day economic system up to a place of brotherly subsistence.

“It is essential that all of you who are willing to follow, must try in your little way to get this type of message over to your religious leaders. If it does not do any good, then at least you have tried; you can detach yourselves from the result, but do not belittle your own ability in this respect. If you go forward armed with the sword of Real Truth — not the Truth you like to pick from Truth, but the whole Truth whether you like it or not — armed with this weapon whole worlds will tremble before you, even though you may not be aware of the fact. If it comes to a battle between good and bad, good will always win; it always has and it always will. Although bad is appearing to win, it is only because there is an allowance in the Law made for this appearance. Meditate on these words — for this appearance.

“The time has now come when terrestrial man must recognise the fact that he is beginning the journey back out of the coarse matter of materialism to the Love which is God. How better can this be accomplished than by right teachings from religious leaders, throughout the world.

“The new Avatar, who has not yet come to Earth but will shortly do so, will teach these things. You can imagine the battle He will have when the time comes. Some of your followers, like the Mental Channel who is tuning into my emanations, have been chosen to go forward to form an outpost, so that the way may be prepared. If you push your wedge of Light into the darkness, it will prepare the way for that which is to come, rather like a snowplough going first and a big food lorry following along afterwards. You see, the food would never reach the people if the snowplough had not prepared the way; so it is with Spiritual things.”

“In conclusion, therefore, I must say that we have this message for the religious leaders of Terra in the coming age.

“You must put forward correctly, truthfully, without alteration or adulteration, the teachings of Re-incarnation. If you fail, then your own communities will displace you. You will be displaced by what you may term unorthodox teachers who will arise. These unorthodox teachers will not need great churches or cathedrals for they will meet under the blue dome of Heaven and raise their voices to the trees. And I say unto you, that all the world will hear them. They will make far more commotion than do your church bells make on a Sunday morning!

“The time has come when we feel that it is essential that these things should be brought to the notice of you religious leaders. Each one of you has responsibility for the position of the world at the present time and none of you can divorce yourselves from this responsibility. The responsibility of the ordinary man, grave as it is, is not as grave as the responsibility of you religious leaders. Act upon this, realise it, execute your responsibilities properly, or evolution will displace you!”

This extract was taken from Chapter 11 of the book “You Are Responsible” by George King.

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