You can forget all about religion and worshipping . The Power of Love comes from The Logos of the Sun which is the only Aspect of God in this Solar system. IT does not want worship on bended knees, is devoid of the human features imposed by tradition, as IT is above all that. So there it is, as I heard it from Jesus in the 8th.Blessing, (Sept.12th1958) of “The Twelve Blessings”.

After all considerations LOVE ENERGY is most important originating from the Sun. It has many octaves of power, the lowest is that of Emotion so popular in songs and stories, and most vital in human relationships. Above it is the Force of Creation leading us back to union with Souls which are the fundamental parts of the Creation as we know of IT, through experience of many lives as told by  Cosmic Masters like Jesus, and St. Germaine.

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