Comment on world in Fear and Spamdemic

February 10th. 2021

     The Draco has been driven out of the solar system, but the Cabal are fighting a rearguard action with  their vast wealth controlling the Media and TV effectively, in hiding the Truth from those addicted to it.

 What is there you can do about it ?  You are locked up imprisoned in your homes, in the fear and imposed pandemic meekly subjected to the controls, preceding aspects of the Orwellian Dystopia in the guise of a Welfare State.

In my advanced age I look with dispassionate curiosity and sadness at the suffering and poverty imposed. Things are being resolved by powers beyond any control in the life cycle of the planet. There is some comfort in knowing about these things, but I will not live long enough to see the turn round for the New Age as it forms.

Give regard to those fighting for your freedom. You can throw away the ridiculous masks, congregate in large numbers in opposing your fellow s citizens conscripted to enforce and imprison you. Your elected government has been fooled and is no longer representing you.

There is the power behind the grand cycle of the Universe which Creates. The awesomeness is seen in bits of Truth allowed to me and the few, as the force of LOVE in action. It is the Goddess returning after the patriarchal system of thousands of years supported by those who should have known better through the ancient doctrines.  


A mass of information has been released about the hidden Spiritual War in our desperate fight for Freedom in the new dictatorship. This war has been won in the interdimensional fields which decide conditions on the surface ensuring development of The New Age.

Secret Space Navies and the horrors in the DUMBS are not revealed publicly as deemed too much for our delicate sensibilities, so that The Media must be allowed to continue to enslave us thinking we are alone in the galaxy , still trusting the “News” and TV  imprisoned in fear.

Survivors and veterans of the the 20th. Century resent this implication used to excuse the suppression of Truth. Shown as “Misinformation” applied to anything not conforming to the Official News, promoting fear of a mythical virus and the use of unnecessary pseudo vaccines without recourse to testing.


One thought on “Comment on world in Fear and Spamdemic

  1. (I wrote this some time ago which seems relevant)

    How can I write about things
    Which have no words
    We are in a holographic universe
    So what mind has conceived it?
    Strangely enough it is thee and me
    Units of awareness we are part of
    Infinite Being in divine curiosity
    Creates an infinity of small units
    For Time to see and experience
    On the way back


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