Metaphysics is not widely appreciated.

Metaphysics is not widely appreciated. I wrote the book entitled “Metaphysics and The New Age” about my experience and the work of George King. The most important and revealing are the first chapters describing the three attacks on this planet 1957–1967, each calculated to eliminate all except a few unlucky to survive in a slavery of the worst kind.

Energy from “The Primary Initiation of The Earth” on July 8th. 1964 was available in the lower astral by the maxim ”As above so below”, using principles of resonance to rise up it became possible when all armies became united under one leader. It could have happened as the time allowed by Karmic Law for this was limited, but we were saved by the sacrifices of Spiritual Adepts not of this world. It took six months of sorties into the astral before this was subdued and finally the attention of the Lord Babaji to deal with the leader who had been hiding in a thousand different personalities. Monitoring of the situation down there continues.

My book was not accepted by The Aetherius Society. The idea of possibly creating world panic after the style of the epic Martian Invasion on radio by Orson Wells may have had something to do with it. Amazon’s Createspace publishing now say they can’t find my account, but the book is there with a good write up by Owen Waters.

Reference to the websites and videos on You Tube suffice for anyone curious and interested for more on the metaphysics of George King. It is different and a challenge to credulity, only those who worked with him were able to quietly accept the information from transmissions by Jesus who said he was from Venus. I was lucky in being there.

The period 1957 -167 was most important in the foundation of the New Age requiring considerable outside help and karmic manipulation. Things are changing, the earth is different no longer held back to permit our follies to continue. We now have to change by adapting to her increasing vibrations. The majority may eventually have to be reborn on a more suitably primitive planet.

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