THE STORY OF THE ANDROID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved…

This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved the discovery of an Android creature which had been dormant in the Lower Astral for a million years. It was during a foray by a group of Adepts into the hells on a routine rescue mission that the presence of something wrong was sensed in a psychic way leading to the source. 
Even the Cosmic Adepts were astonished at the power imbued in this entity. It was fortunate in that it was discovered before it was sufficiently awake to assume its full power. It had been created and put there in exact anticipation of The Primary Initiation of The Earth, which had now caused it to become active. It had been programmed to eliminate all human life, reserving any survivors for a ghastly enslavement.

Its mental power was capable of doing all that, and more. It could create a thought form, or artificial environment, indistinguishable from the natural environment 48 square miles in size. This great mental power and invulnerability made things very difficult. It resisted all attempts to destroy or transmute it, and it was only after a prolonged conflict that it was driven out of the solar system by the Six Adepts, requiring 24 sorties into the underworld over a period of 8 months. For the first nine Phases, the Three Adepts battled alone but later were joined by other Adepts and certain Members of the Great White Brotherhood. 

We were spared extermination and the use of Earth as a strategic base by an ancient and formidable culture from another galaxy. Let us not forget that the threat may still remain. 
I consider this to be the most startling of all the revelations of The New Age. The Alien Android was not destroyed, and seems likely to have been a problem for any galactic police to trace, and deal with effectively.

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