The New Age is relatively unknown because of the occult and metaphysical nature

The 8th.July 1964 was the turning point. Until this time the Earth Logos had held back Her Salvation to allow this humanity to continue its recidivist history. According to Karmic Law suffering in sacrifice is not allowed past a certain date which in this case was not due until 2012, but the traumatic effects of atomic explosions and finally their use to destroy life in war compounded things to bring this forward 50 years.

This manipulation of power from the Sun required the combined forces of five large spacecraft around the earth in a precise formation at a certain time. In addition a host of smaller ships surrounded as the planet to hold it in position. This metaphysical operation lasted only a few minutes, but any error would have destroyed this planet the moon and Venus. It required the genius and precision of the Martian Adept, Mars Sector Six, who planned and executed this operation and graciously allowed a commentary to be recorded for posterity.

This became known as ‘’The Primary Initiation of Earth’’. It was the greatest event in the long life of the planet. Things will never be the same again as the very substance of the planet is increasing its basic resonances, and that includes us. The energy is being released gradually but increasing, to have been subjected to its full impact it would have eliminated us entirely. The Earth Logos is still mindful of our presence and is mercifully still holding back enough to allow us the chance to adapt.

There were a series of events which threatened our existence to follow, as forces were lying wait for this to happen resulting in several metaphysical sagas. We blithely continued our affairs ignorant of the terrible dangers which ensued.

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