GEORGE KING COSMIC MASTER (1919–1997) Founder of The Aetherius Society

The most important man of the 20th century was George King (1919-1997).

You will not know about him unless you have been interested in annals of The Aetherius Society which he founded as a Spiritual Commando Force in 1955 after the command to be a Representative of Interplanetary Parliament based on Saturn. The world is not allowed to know of these things as it would endanger the firm grip on your minds, supported by the Vatican and others unable to accept anything not written in the Bible. The rest only believing such news considered worthy of a puppet population rich in Sport and lives of Celebs enlivened by controlled demolitions, wars and rocket science. There are some videos of his lectures on Youtube.

Being an advanced Adept George King was able to tour the skies in his etheric body at night. He described to me how he orbited Sirius and roamed the lower astral planes. In the latter case he narrowly escaped entraptment of the worst kind encountering a thing presenting as a large bat in the epitome of darkness and negativity engulfing his mind before he could marshal his thoughts. He saved himself by thinking a picture of Jesus on the cross onto this creature which disappeared screaming in a flame of transmutation. The opinion was expressed of it being an Avatar survived from a previous solar system based on the evolution of Matter in contrast with this one which is of Mind.

George King was committed to deal with the first attack on the Earth having been previously having landed on it in his astral investigations. This nearly killed him and he described it in detail in the book “You are Responsible”.

It was a planetoid and was first detected by the Martians. Because of its unusually high radiation they were interested to invest it with a robotic engineering system to mine it. When the time came to collect the manned freighter was destroyed by a power beam, following which a projectile was aimed at Mars. They were unable to divert or destroy it. Two ships were sent out. One acted as a diversion and was destroyed by a beam from the projectile. The second was able to aim and collide causing a tremendous atomic explosion. The total of Martians killed was 147.

There had been a powerful entity hidden which had time to convert the mining machinery into weapons and start hidden engines to aim towards Mars, the original target was the Earth. It was neutralised by sending masses of material which solidified in such way to make weapons disabled. The alternative of atomic destruction was too great a threat to the planet Mars.

George King having committed himself from the previous encounter was landed on it. Using the power of Love he transmuted the entity causing the body of the planetoid to split into two parts, which were removed by ships from Jupiter.

The Mother of George King was a reincarnation of Mary Magdelene and was almost confirmed by the request for her to meet Jesus and to present a copy of “The Twelve Blessings”. Her emotional account is in the first part of the editions which followed. This happened on January 19th.1959, between 12.39 a.m. and 3.30 a.m. , she was picked up by a spacecraft at a rendezvous point to be taken up to the Mothership and presented Jesus with the book.(Read more about it in The Twelve Blessings).

The biography of Sir George King “THE KING who came to earth,” has finally been published 2019, in a detailed account of his extraordinary life and self sacrifice as a true Cosmic Master. It omits some incidents in my writing. I knew George King in 1958.

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