Some Notes for the Assault on Earth in 1957

More on the planetoid sent to collide with the Earth

The intention was to assume control of the Earth after our elimination, and to genetically alter certain marine life into suitable slaves. I have been informed that its planet of origin is in the grip of four Beings from another galaxy who are millions of years old. They are unable to reproduce themselves, and in the true tradition of all evil entities aim to live forever. Their planet is a watery planet with an intelligent race of amphibious water-dwellers who are kept in a condition of complete mental slavery.

The Earth, with its surface three-quarters covered by oceans obviously suits their requirements, and also coincides with a strategic position of portals for transmissions in the galaxy. An attempt to help the enslaved race on their planet (code name “Garouche”) was made by the Martian Adept, at the cost of considerable personal suffering. He was captured and kept in a type of electronic prison .He was able to be freed by a Master of Saturn on a wave of his thought.

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