Dr. George King
George King (1919-1979)


    I read the arguments against God in superb mastery of scientific logic.
Some have a natural conviction. Others believe as insisted and trained in religious systems of piety and ignorance, as in the saints of yore.

     Proof is offered through Yoga and meditation. You can go to India and stay with a Master, like many celebrities of the last century. It is not easy and requires dedication and self discipline.

You may be drawn into it and meet a Cosmic Master and become involved in what has become referred to as ‘’The Quest”, through The Aetherius Society. I became a member from meeting George King who was a Master of Yoga. I learned from him direct how he would roam the skies at night in spirit, and whilst orbiting Sirius had the idea of the Triangle added to the ancient Hindu symbol as the Creative Activity and adopted it for the Society.

As in all aspects of Truth his actions and self sacrifices remain unrecognized by the world. The Masters of Saturn seeing the future arranged for him to be here at the right time, requiring permission from the Lords of Karma. Karma was manipulated for this.

George King was in fact the most important man of the 20th Century, being an aspect of a Cosmic Master on Mars revealed in his last days, involved in saving the planet from invasions only to be found recorded in the annals of The Society.

 A Spiritual Commando Force was drawn together for the foundation of The Aetherius Society in 1955, and became important for the foundation of a Future New Age which started on July8th.1964 in a great metaphysical manipulation of power in space around the Earth. This is called “The Primary Initiation of Earth”, since then its vibrations have been increasing.

The formulation of the Society required involvement with metaphysical operations in cooperation with Planetary Adepts, continued by those senior in commitment and initiation. Elements of secrecy in this regard to these had to be adopted and the modus operandi of storing spiritual energy in batteries reserved for expression saving lives in world calamities.

Charging mountains are described in the history of George King (Operation Starlight), laying a foundation of power in eighteen mountains, the nineteenth Kilimanjaro was charged by another Cosmic Master at the dangerous time of civil war.

As time went on it became expedient to introduce a system of merit for membership based on memorising the annals of the A.S. and a period of full time service. As this required residence nearby for daily access many of those who had spent years were not allowed, and there remains some resentment there.

In addition a Church was created in the name of Aetherius with Priests and Bishops. Different coloured gowns signifying seniority are now worn. George King became Archbishop and was photographed in the red robes reminiscent of the Catholic Church. As it was from instructions higher up I am in no position to question. I remain however, feeling uncomfortable with the idea but living overseas it does not matter. I remain a member, as the last of those who were present for The Twelve Blessings.

Contrary to expectations the A.S has continued to grow in different countries with a website full of information with bobcasts and videos.  A form tantamount to membership is invited as, ” Friends of the Society”, open to all forms of religious persuasion without any form of dogma or payment. It is recommended for any who feel the need for friendly spiritual guidance, especially Christians who no longer go to church, or seek more than is in the Bible.


These were spoken by Jesus through the voice of George King in a self induced Samadhic trance which he was able to do by entering Cosmic Consciousness within two minutes Only an experienced master of Yoga can do this. I was going to write something about The Twelve Blessings and had the idea of copying from my book. So here it is.

I am the last survivor of those who attended The Twelve Blessings,
and so it is fitting that I should make some attempt to record these
events, which did indeed effect a marked change in my life.
The Twelve Blessings consisted of The Venusian Master, Jesus,
taking over the body of George King, who was able to enter a
Samadhic Trance by raising the full power of the Kundalini up
through the crown of the head into the state of Cosmic
Consciousness. He accomplished this amazingly, in only two
minutes! This allowed The Master Jesus to give the Twelve
Blessings, using the voice of George King, and delivered at weekly
intervals on successive Sundays.
Each session began with an Oriental Master, Goo Ling, giving an
introductory address and encouraging remarks also through George
King. (Goo Ling is 2,000 years old and is The Keeper of The Seal
for The Great White Brotherhood. It was he who instigated the
formation of The Aetherius Society).

The twelve weekly transmissions by Jesus and were named “The
Twelve Blessings,” and are listed below in sequence commencing

July 27th. 1958.
(1) Blessed Are The Peace Makers
(2) Blessed Are The Wise Ones
(3) Blessed Are They Who Love
(4) Blessed Are The Planetary Ones
(5) Blessed Are The Thanksgivers
(6) Blessed Are They Who Heal
(7) Blessed Is The Mother Earth
(8) Blessed Is The Mighty Sun
(9) Blessed Are The Supreme Lords Of Karma
(10) Blessed Is The Galaxy
(11) Blessed Are The Supreme Lords Of Creation
(12) Blessed Is The Absolute
During these transmissions great power was put into the Earth, and
a relatively small fraction through those present. There is no
satisfactory way to describe the atmosphere in that room, or the
feeling of transmuting energy.
Note the ascending order of the titles, from the lowest to the
highest. Emphasis was made on the debt we owe to the Logos of
The Earth, and that “The Logos of the Sun is an Aspect of Brahma
and the nearest thing to God in your concept of manifestation,”
(from The 8th. Blessing).

The Galaxy is an extremely ancient Great Lord of Creation, and
The Supreme Lords of Creation spring from the First Cause
produced by The Absolute.
Reading the text aloud or reciting from memory, in the manner
prescribed in the book amounts to a powerful form of magic. This
causes spiritual energy to be liberated through the operator into the
world. In reading, you should note that the current theme of The
Twelve Blessings is sacrifice, and by sacrificing some time in the
regular use you will gain benefit.

There are only 63 pages in this book. The actual text of the Blessings is
short, and each varies from a half to one and a half pages, and so
the task of memorising them is quite easy. Alternatively, propping up the book to free the hands and reading aloud from it is sufficient.
The regular performance of this along the lines advocated by
George King constitutes a powerful magical exercise. I recommend
this for spreading light into the world, as was the intent behind its
introduction, but also for health and spiritual upliftment. Such is my
daily exercise, supplemented by an hour of yoga during the night.
Reading the Twelve Blessings is an education in occult
metaphysics, but sounding the words is magical.
For all who are
troubled by nocturnal interferences or insomnia, this is a way of
protection and natural sleep.

At the end of the Twelfth Blessing, all were presented with a small
wooden cross which was blessed by Jesus through George King,
with instructions to allow no one other than the recipient to touch it.
It is a spiritual battery which cannot lose its power, and was
intended for use during these difficult times, and the more it is used
the more powerful it becomes. Some psychics who have seen it
remark on its radiating white light, but one insisted it is mauve.
Another felt faint and had to leave the room. So far I have been
denied this faculty of actually seeing its light, but I can feel the
energy. Some photographs show a white line spiraling above it.

In the closing speech after The Twelfth Blessing, The Cosmic
Master Jesus had things to say about the significance of The Cross,
some of which I quote:
“This, my children, is not a symbol of death. It is the Symbol of
Resurrection. It is not the symbol the terrible death depicted by
your foolish priests! It is the lasting Symbol of the Spirit of Man, up
to the Mighty Godhead – through Karmic Experience. That is what
it is!——. These Symbols are Blessed as the Symbols of
Resurrection. They will hold that Power as long as this World does
last. For even if you destroy them now, the Power will not leave

The impression resulting from the Twelve Blessings was
everlasting, and although there was a long lapse in my active
interest in matters metaphysical, due the pressures of work and
rearing a family and particularly my isolation from the centre of
activities, the feeling of initiation persisted.

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