The Martian Satellite

It is curious how in all the information from the different planetary systems and details of their ships surrounding the Earth, there is never any mention of the Martian ship called The Third Satellite visiting during The Magnetisation Periods enhancing spiritual action 3000 times, present phase Nov.4th. to Dec.10th.

2 thoughts on “The Martian Satellite

  1. For this year. Other times are: April May 23rd., July5th. to Aug.5th., Sept.23rd. to Oct.9th. which started in 1955, and promised for a 1000 years.
    Behind the attempts on our freedoms there is a Spiritual War. The present situation threatens but is only a temporary phase.
    The Aetherius Society was formed by George King in 1955, and continues in cooperation with Martian Adepts in metaphysical exercises for reducing disturbance on the planet’s surface.


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