( A little excerpt from my book)

There is an account of how the Four Gospels were chosen for the
foundation of Catholic teaching. Some writers of the period
asserted that the council of Nicea comprised 318 bishops who were
illiterate, apart from two named who were well known to be
scholars, and of course, the Emperor. Quoting from the book, “Isis Unveiled” by Helena P. Blavatsky:
“Notwithstanding the grandiloquent eulogium of Constantine,
Sabinus the Bishop of Heraclea affirms that, „Except for
Constantine the emperor, and Eusabius Pamphilus (bishop of
Caesarea) these bishops were a set of illiterates, simple creatures
that understood nothing.‟”
Quoting further from the same chapter of Isis Unveiled: In his Synodicon to that Council Pappus says: “Having promiscuously putall the books that were referred to the Council of Nicaea (June 19th,325 AD) for determination under the communion table in a church,
they (the bishops) besought the Lord that the inspired writings
might get upon the table, while the spurious ones remained
underneath; and it happened accordingly.”

The divinity of Jesus was the most contentious of the Nicaean
debates, the side that said he was God won over those who denied
it. Eventually, reference to reincarnation was forbidden. In recent times a number of the so-called spurious gospels have been
discovered including one by Philip, and others by James and Judas.
There is also one by a woman, thought to have been Mary

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