(Another chapter from my book, ” Metaphysics and The New Age”)


The objective of this operation was to put into effect spiritual power
sources around the Earth by charging certain mountains.
In order to do this, it was necessary for George King to ascend the peaks,
sometimes in very difficult and dangerous climatic conditions.
Power was sent through him by Jesus on Holdstone Down, and on
18 of the other mountains.
Each charged mountain has its individual type of power and will
last forever. We are urged to go to these mountains, and send out
power and love to our suffering world by practising The Twelve
Blessings on the summits. This is the best of all spiritual practises.
Kilimanjaro presented serious problems. This was the only one that was not charged through George King. The political situation in Kenya in those days was very dangerous because of the
Mau-Mau uprising, and so it was left to the Master Goo-Ling to organise the charge of this one.

I have climbed some of the charged mountains in the U.K., and since
being in Australia, I have visited Mt. Kosciusko and Mt. Ramshead.
These were heavy going, and I do not propose to do it again, being in my
ninth decade there is some excuse for that.
There was another older chap who had been doing it every year, in spite of his arthritic knees. It was fortunate that he was with
us on this occasion, as we would have been lost trying to
locate the peaks. There was limited time for this, because the
chairlifts closed at 4p.m.
The purpose of these pilgrimages is always to practice The Twelve
Blessings on the mountain for the healing of the planet.
There are nineteen of the charged mountains around the world, their
names and locations are
Holdstone Down (Devon)
Brown Willy (Cornwall)
Pen-y-Fan (Powys, Wales)
Cardnedd Llewellyn (Gwynedd, Wales)
Kinderscout (Derbyshire)
Yes Tor (Devon)
Ben Hope (Scotland)
Creag-An-Leth-Chain (Scotland)
Coniston Old Man (Cumbria)
Mount Baldy (California)
Mount Tallac (California)
Mount Adams (New Hampshire)
Castle Peak (Colorado)
Mount Kosciusko (New South Wales)
Mount Ramshead (New South Wales)
New Zealand
Mount Wakefield (South Island)
Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).
This one was charged by Goo Ling. and is a retreat of The Great White Brotherhood, likewise is Castle Peak in Colorado and Ben Macdui in Scotland (3 miles north of the Creag-an-lethChain).
Mount Madrigerfluh (Switzerland)
Le Nid d‟Aigle (France)

Operation Starlight was performed by George King between July
23rd.1958 and August 23rd. 1961, with very meagre resources and largely at his own expense. It was not easy going, there was facial sunburn and altitude sickness. On one occasion he suffered a hip injury from a falling rock but in spite of severe pain insisted on reaching the summit.

It was later announced that power from all the charged mountains
was henceforth to be released, whenever only one of them was
activated by a pilgrimage to one of the peaks for the purpose of
practising The Twelve Blessings.

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