COPIED FROM MY BOOK “METAPHYSICS AND NEW AGE” (Another tribute to the genius of George King)

The purpose of this operation was primarily to stabilise conditions
on Earth, but also to raise human life to become more compatible
with the New Age, as envisaged by prophets and seers. It was
George King, who during the last years of his life conceived of this
plan to enhance and stabilise conditions further. It involved creating
a device constructed of earth materials with an antenna to broadcast
radiations of the right quality into the subtle realms, on which this
one, the material depends.
Aetherius enthusiastically approved, and forthwith produced a
prototype by the exercise of his mental powers, but which was only
allowed to exist for a limited time (18 days). It remained for
selected members of The Great White Brotherhood to make three
more of these prototypes, until certain Cosmic Masters undertook to
supervise the completed construction, which was first activated on
November 11th, 1990. Over the next 12 months the devices were
perfected and put into action. Seven of them were created and
installed in strategic places. These are now all operating
satisfactorily and undisturbed in secret locations.

A few details of the nature of these “mechanisms” (as there are no
moving parts): They are approximately 20 feet in height, have pure
gold antennae and have many different coloured lights. I always
imagine them to be conical or pyramidal shaped, but very little is
known, as it is classified information.

Permission had to be sought from the Earth Logos before this operation could proceed and is in a following description based on the book written by George King of his Visits to the Centre of The Earth.


  1. How did he decide who would be part of this operation within the white brotherhood? How old was George King when he left his avatar? That is so amazing and I wonder where in this vast world they are hidden. It’s too bad more of them weren’t designed. Do you honest feel they have helped the earth and man kind? 🤔


  2. George King was 79 as he had planned for his release.
    Security demands they will ever be hidden to continue the influence intended. Once the invention was accepted it was left for those able to deal with it.
    In addition there is the story of Space Magic entirely performed and installed by the Martian Adepts, which I will endeavour to put on the website.


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