This should be of particular interest to Astrologers


     I will now describe briefly this operation and the more recent
 arrangements for some spiritual energies to be suitably modified
 and enhanced, for the benefit of terrestrial man. These energies
 have always arrived from the other planets but only in a subtle
 Now, due to the generosity and efforts of The Six Interplanetary
 Adepts, modules have been planted on certain planets for the
 purpose of making this influence more effective. As popularly
 known, the physical conditions on the planets are extremely
 inhospitable, and required special spacesuits allowing only limited
 time on each planet surface. In spite of these difficulties these
 mechanisms were securely installed.

 This occurred between 5th.and 9th.of March,1980 and the planets
 were: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune in that order.
 On January 23rd.1981 a special satellite was put around the Earth
 to receive such energies from the combined planets. 
It is undetectable and will remain so by any equipment that is likely to
be developed on Earth in the next 1,000 years. 


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