(This is another section from my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”)

Before the metaphysical Operation Earth Magic could proceed,
George King was invited to visit the centre of the Earth and meet
the Earth Logos.
This was deemed necessary by a protocol which
had been established for millions of years. This happened twice,
and how it proceeded is written in his book, “Visit to The Logos of

Normally, even if anyone could invent a suitable vehicle for
such a visit, they would not survive the experience without a special
invitation. Special suiting was required, and certain Adepts
provided transport in a spacecraft. Entry was via secret places; one
of these in is a desolate area of south England. Another is over the
North Pole.
The first visit to The Earth Logos was on November 29th, 1979. George King was able to do this by freeing himself from the physical body and using
his etheric body. He did this in spite of poor health and suffering
from influenza, which caused considerable strain and necessitated
special healing methods on his return to the physical.

The description of this extraordinary experience is to be found in his
book, “Visit To The Logos of Earth.” He could not have
accomplished it without assistance from the space people, who
provided a special protective suit and transport facilities.
There are four known entrances to the interior of the Earth. The one
used in this instance is in a deserted area of moorland in the south
of England, and is well hidden.

There was an invitation for a second visit to The Earth Logos on January 20th. 1980, and took place on January 23rd. On this occasion it was through the North Pole entrance, requiring some changes in the methods and equipment used.

The purpose for these expeditions was to seek permission for
Operation Earth Magic. The account of these visits to the centre of
the Earth is truly astonishing, and constitutes a most profound
metaphysical document.

Permission had to be sought from The Ancient Lords of The Flame. An artistic representation of The Flame by George King, as he saw
it, is included in his book. From the content of the book it appears that regarding the Lords of The Flame, there are only Three of them
and create as many duplicates of themselves as required.

This is from the book which I no longer have. After some resistance to lady’s request I finally let her have the loan of it, and you know what happens to books you lend.

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