The Ritual of The Presence

( Described by Aetherius and taken from my book)

Stand erect, or sit on a wooden chair. Put the left hand over the
right hand placed over the solar plexus. Imagine a brilliant white
light descending from above, filling the brain and penetrating the
body down to the lower end of the sternum (breast bone). It is
possible to feel a tingling in the head when doing this.
Next, imagine the Deep Violet Transmuting Flame from the Logos
of the Earth ascending through the body up to the chest,
amalgamate the two forces and send them up to the Golden Sphere
40ft. above the head.
Then, summon its Golden Light down the body through the feet,
filling the auric envelope. You can then send it back up to the
Golden Sphere as advised by Aetherius.

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