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                            THE SPAMDENIC

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   Some are squirming in silent fury on the quarantining and lockdowns imposed by puppets of the Cabal, still desperately fighting for the supremacy enjoyed by the Few for so many thousands of years.                                                                                 

 The majority including the educated and professions meekly comply wearing ridiculous masks, which do more harm in protection against a relatively harmless virus, which eludes isolation should a real vaccine ever be required.  

The so-called “vaccines” being used have not been tested, a blatant disregard for safety in the legislation provided for the excuse of manufacturers and servitors.

  The tests used are a fraud, openly stated by the creator providing false results for viruses, with contrived mortality numbers endlessly promoted by the controlled media.

   It will be seen as part of a plan started as the world war neared its conclusion. Much more effective with advanced technology denying all freedoms, with incentives for compliance in a Dystopia.

The secret wars outside the Matrix of this reality are being fought in space and on the subtle planes, with some underground in the depths of the earth. It is a Spiritual War. The end as foreseen, is now. Disorder will have to be endured

Power of Love

That which is The Force of Love continues to amaze me as represented in the sacrifices of those incredible beings who have gone before so many millions of years ago. This is the theme throughout The Twelve Blessings.

We are seeing an example of this in our planet Earth, the Spirit of which has devoted Time in the geological epochs for us to have experience.

At certain times Cosmic Masters have descended to take on physicality teaching and suffering to help and to teach. Their presence allows us to see, and use the power of Love.

Only those who have read The Twelve Blessings know of those thousands who have left their Planetary Bliss are present today, to ensure we do not slip back into the control endured for so long, now planned for a more extreme form based on the new technology.

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