The Army of The Silver Legion

Although you are aware how we are experiencing the Third Word War, in a way which has been planned for more complete control as never envisaged in the Third Reich.  

 There is also the  Spiritual War ongoing in the hidden planes more important in our victory ensuing.

Some is on The Twelve Blessings relating to the sacrifices on our behalf.   

There is also an interdimensional war, and this concerns The Silver Legion which is an army composed of different species devoted to the war against the Draco which is behind the enslavement of terrestrial humanity.

Information for this is on the website, www. Silver, on which has transcripts and interviews with the earthly liaison the Lady Tanaath.

 For those interested there is information about the lifeforms composing the army of The Silver Legion and its history, with some accounts of battle actions.

This a worthy inclusion on my website for those interested in metaphysical information.

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