The “I AM ” Blog

                                                                  The “I AM” Blog

    I was considering my  failure to be more of what I should be, according to the advice of Jesus and other Cosmic Masters.

   There is the phrase in the Twelfth Blessing, “I AM in the Absolute behind all creation”, which is really awesome in the implications.

 How much this refers I am not sure. I am aware by knowledge and awareness of being, through my commitment to Jesus having attended The Twelve Blessings, in a modicum of peace with good health in spite of advancing years, which has to be enough.

We are urged to love Oneself, although I do not like some aspects of this personality still to be preserved with the numerous others for eternity.

Stories of our remote galactic history tell how some descended to sacrifice in many incarnations to  save humanity by becoming part of it. Very interesting, but of doubtful value in this state of limitation however contracted.

This could get too lengthy, so with a ‘Bah Humbug’ to the present ridiculous state in the world as viewed by the few, it remains to send out Love for all to endure to the end where “the rewards are exceeding great’’(somewhere in the New Testament).

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