ARMAGEDDON  DENIED

       After I read the large Blogs producing fear I decided to write something in the way of reassurance and denial.

In the first place, there is the idea of prophecies being subject to Time and the effects of Freewill. Considering Time being effective through Time Lines, the prophesied events become modified and cancelled. An example is 2012 which did not to produce significant events, as the power due to be released was brought forward to 1964 (The Primary Initiation of Earth) in reaction to the assault on the planet by the use of Atomic Bombs in war destroying life.

Reassurance is for the denial of anything resembling an Apocalypse as mentioned in the Bible by different prophets, causing fear and concern in the recent display on the Internet.

Great sacrifices were made to save humanity by Cosmic Masters shortly after the world war in 1957,1965 and 1967. There are also Planetary Adepts walking among us who have left their spiritual homes to ensure the development of The Golden Age will not be deterred.

The present imposition of dictatorships is only a phase relating to energy incident in life cycles of the Cosmos, and from the Planetary Logos as its energy continues to increase.

The chaos preceding The New Age of freedom and prosperity will have to be endured amid the revelations of Truth hidden during the ages of controlled ignorance.

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