There are 2 possible outcomes in the present furor perceived.

ONE is by that part of the Cabal for the Reset in the more complete Orwellian future.

The OTHER is a campaign for the  biblical Armageddon reducing population  in a nuclear world war.

The THIRD is Creation and cannot be denied.. Timed for coincident  Cosmic cycles,  energies are flowing into the Earth as never before.  

The Golden Age in a reflection of the Lemurian is due. A few hundred or a thousand years may be needed as hinted by Cosmic Masters of The Aetherius Society.

 The die  was set in “The Primary Initiation of Earth” in 1964 when She received energy from the Sun.  Since then She can no longer hold back Her own development, so that the vibrations are increasing.                                               

The Master George King (1919-1997) implemented metaphysical sources in cooperation with Planetary Adepts.  

Cooperation from the people must be 10% for the  Sheldrake Principle to effect transformation.

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