(I am taking this from my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”)

Jesus is a Venusian Master, millions of years along the evolutionary
path, bearing in mind that the planet Venus is nearing the end of its
7th round of experience (refer to Rounds and races). The decision
to be born on Earth at a certain time, and to sacrifice himself in the
way he did, was his own. He did this in order to manipulate Karma
in such a way as to prevent the catastrophe that was threatening the

When he was due to be born, certain measures were taken to
obstruct any attempts to interfere by those evil agencies, who are
always out to prevent anything likely to benefit mankind. And so,
the “Star of Bethlehem” appeared, which of course was not a star or
anything like such a massive body. The gravitational effects would
have dragged the Earth out of its orbit. It was a sphere of golden
light, which was the equivalent of a spacecraft occupied by a
Master from Saturn. After hovering for a time it disappeared when
the birth had been successful.
There has been much ado about the virgin birth, but the power of
those involved in bringing it about was quite capable of arranging
it. In these days of artificial insemination we are close to imitating
it ourselves.

His mission was to die at a certain predetermined astrological time,
and He managed to manipulate events accordingly. His teaching
during the three years ministry were given leading up to the
crucifixion, which was a brutal murder for which the human race on
Earth is ever responsible.
The information regarding the period covering the remainder of His
life is said to be apocryphal. The truth of the matter is, that He spent
considerable time in receiving training in Egyptian and Himalayan
retreats, and also on other planets. Limited as He was in a physical
body, His education had to proceed in the usual way, which is the
hard way through experience. (On other planets, the Earth is
referred to as “The Planet of Hard Endeavour”).

His main consciousness remained on Venus. The earthly
incarnation part of Him is termed a “4th Aspect.” Let me dismiss
the uncertainty of the disappearance of the body. This was reverted
to its basic atomic structure by His Will and Mental Power.
Subsequent appearances were in the etheric body for those capable
of seeing it. Imagine what would have happened if the body had
been preserved. You have only to consider the medieval trade in
relics and in the bits of dead saints, most of which were fakes. It
could not be allowed to happen to this body.
On at least one occasion, Jesus materialised and ate some fish to
reassure his disciples, as recorded in the New Testament.

The “Ascension” described therein, however, was His mode of
departure for the benefit of those present. The Ascension proper is
an advanced Initiation Ritual endowing immortality of the body,
and is described as witnessed by George King in his book, “The
Nine Freedoms.” Jesus had experienced this millions of years ago
before man even appeared on this Earth in its present form.
There are many people who have been led to believe that the
sacrifice of Jesus delivers them from sin. The phrase is, “washed
pure by the blood of Christ.” Nothing could be further from the
truth. We are all answerable for our actions by Karmic Law, and
will be judged in a most precise and fair way by none other than our
own Higher Selves.

To expect eternal heavenly bliss after a single life is a delusion
fostered by the Christian churches and they are not alone in this, as
it is part of another world religion. Suppression of the principle of rebirths has been a terrible mistake. The Resurrection of the physical body as preached for nearly two thousand years is both ridiculous and macabre.
The Transubstantiation which the Catholics are still required to
believe takes place during Holy Communion, led to cannibalistic
connotations wherever the Catholic missionaries went, which is not
surprising. Actually, the ritual of the Bread and Wine was practiced long
before in the so-called Pagan world, and The Last Supper was
symbolic in the same way, the Bread being a symbol of Earth and
the Wine of Spirit. Sometimes, water was used instead, representing
the Water of Life which is the same thing.

Emphasis has also been laid on The Divinity of Jesus and caused
Him to be worshipped as God. This is also an error, He never
claimed to be God and referred to Himself as ‘The Son of Man’, and,
although He is so much nearer to The One Divine Source as an
elevated Cosmic Master, it is quite wrong to conceive Him as God.
The rationalist has erred in the opposite extreme, and states that
Jesus was only a man, and some recent publications have tried to
prove that he never died on the cross, was revived or had a
substitute on the cross and lived to a ripe old age in Damascus! Do not be misled by the erudite treatment such works display. He came from Venus like Buddha. Krishna was from Saturn.
The Cosmic Masters seldom leave their home planet in their Full
Aspect to descend on another planet. The next and final visit will
not be in the 4th aspect, as in the case of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna,
but will be in the full and awesome majesty of The Full Aspect,
but this will not be Jesus.
When that will be has not been revealed, whatever you may hear to
the contrary. I think it will not be until we have achieved some sort
of world order and peace, which at the present rate is not likely to
be for some time.

To confirm how Jesus is still very active on our behalf, we have had
“The Twelve Blessings,” which I had the privilege of witnessing in
1958, during which great power was invoked and radiated into the
Earth. In a later transmission Jesus revealed the secret of the
successive protections, which we have had over thousands of years.

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