I wanted to write a blog on Salvation counter to its biblical interpretation of judgement after death, as there is none apart that by ourselves.  

   Sacrifice of Salvation is greater than the sacrifice of one’s life. It may entail the temporary abandonment of an elevated state of consciousness and bliss established over millions of years, as the 4th. Aspect of a Planetary existence as   described in The Fourth Blessing, engaged by Jesus and Buddha from Venus.             

 The self-imposed limitation of Mother Earth reached its conclusion by an edict from The Lords of Karma, with effect from July 8th. 1964, after the duration of more than 18 million years following the destruction of Maldek.

We are facing changes as a result of the energy being released and as foreseen by seers and prophets.

    A false epidemic was created to maintain our enslavement forever, and to prevent the formation of The New Age. 

The 7th. Blessing is “Blessed is the Mother Earth”, by sacrificing Salvation She has born you, and you are advised not take it for granted.                                        

 Her vibrations are increasing in intensity, and we are all feeling it.  

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