ASCENSION is described in the achievement of Cosmic Consciousness.   It is required for the Adept to be able to access this under any conditions in the last incarnation on Earth.            George King demonstrated his ability to do this on TV in L.A. proving he was a True Master, the video of which can be seen on YouTube.  

  Described in the ‘’The Nine Freedoms’’ written by George King from the self induced Samadhic trance of Cosmic Consciousness, heard and recorded as dictated by a Lord of Karma, self named Mars Sector Six.

     It is only after the many reincarnations ability to enter Cosmic Consciousness can be achieved, but is the destiny for all.  Life on different planets ensue described in the book of The Nine Freedoms.   

 A Cosmic Master after receiving graduation can opt for remaining on Earth to teach in an immortal body through a special initiation ceremony.  George King was able to witness this by invitation on the large Martian spaceship “Satellite Number Three”, and he describes it in the book “The Nine Freedoms”.

   This book is heartily recommended for serious students of Truth and Mysticism. It is unique for outlining the passage of “The I AM” through the different stages leading to “Cosmic Consciousness”, and beyond.

                               Ascension Myth

     Some mention is indicated for channelled information of another type of “ascension”, which is expected to happen on Earth sometime in the future in an “Event”, associated with a highest vibration of Earth and an emanation from the Sun.

       This is expected to create dramatic changes in the constitution of the body from 3D, to 4D or 5D  described as crystalline, and is too suggestive as being more like that in the After Life .

    Dates have been given  for some still present on the planet.                                       I am unable to accept that possibility but you never know, anything is possible.

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