The “I AM”

          I wanted to write a blog on immortality and found myself on this aspect.

 We are immortal from the beginning as units of consciousness in the centre of the ABSOLUTE as SOURCE of ALL.  IT is Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness and CREATES.      

 Writers, philosophers and scientists have written reams for an analysis of Consciousness. It is futile because it is just IS as the UNIVERSAL SOURCE, for which there are no words. There are no names as IT is All Things. IT forms basis for all religious thought and the concept of Soul.

For myself I reflect on the words of Jesus in the 12th. Blessing, “BLESSED  is The ABSOLUTE. IT is the I AM in Man.  IT is Life in all things. IT is the emptiness of space and the fullness contained in space”.

We are embryonic gods having lived innumerable lives in different times and places in ancient interstellar wars, and comparably recent civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Reading the 12th Blessing answers the questions related to the Big Bang and Creation.

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