This is “My New Age”  blog

                                         (For enouragement and reassurance in these terrible times.)

        The New Age has been guaranteed by metaphysical operations on a grand scale in the years following the world war. “The Twelve Blessings” in 1958 contain information about the great sacrifices made on our behalf.                                                                                                                                                                        

Great energies entered the Earth in a great cosmic operation in space on July 8th. 1964, called “The Primary Initiation of Earth”.

 The release of such great power provoked assaults on the planet which could have caused our extinction, some details are on my website.

                            The beginning of The New Age had started.

The world already controlled by fear has made the contrived pandemics easy to promote and enforce, so that expressions of dissent are actively discouraged, and anything contrary is “misinformation or conspiracy theory”.

As immortal beings our thoughts and imagination are powerful tools.

  Thoughts and spiritual aspirations have more power than demonstrations which can provoke violent reactions by Police.                       


There is said to be a planetary transmutation in the offing, transforming everything from 3D to the higher frequency of 5D, called “ascension”.

  This from galactic sources is a cosmic feature possible for a planet and due on Earth in 2022. 

  Physical bodies are expected to rejuvenate, healing all illness and defects.

I have considerable doubts about this, but you never know.

In “The Golden Age” after a thousand years, the next Avatar will be in the fullness and majesty of power, fore told and described by  Aetherius.

    I have not found any reference to this happening before,  as those known have always been in  their 4th Aspects like Jesus and Buddha from Venus, Krishna was from Saturn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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