The purpose of this blog is to remind of your Divine Spark, The “IAM” by  which you are part of Creation and can use it in resisting the tyranny.

  Creation by WILL and INTENT of the SOURCE after eons of evolution, is  this human phase now experiencing the changes in the Earth.                                                                                                 

It remains for those can see beyond the Matrix, freedoms will be restored.

 There is currently an idea of transmutation for the very near future in next phase from 3D to 4D-5D, rejuvenating and allowing greater freedom of action, reminiscent of conditions attributed to the After Life.

   I do not subscribe to those ideas, and at 97 may be due to leave soon anyway. In the meantime you can exercise your Imagination in the Will and Intent, to make it how it should be.

    The power of LOVE is on our side and never fails.

There is more you can do, use The Twelve Blessings in Dynamic Prayer radiating the power of Love, very powerful during the Magnetisation Periods, present phase Nov. 4th to Dec. 10th.

4 thoughts on “       WILL and INTENT

  1. Good health to you, thank you for your messages of love and prayer. The information is powerful and important, especially now.
    Thankyou for being the brodge, and the sharing of truth, and also your geat work.
    Kind regsrds


    1. Thanks for the best wishes. The notifications keep disappearing.
      97 in good health still and independent but with some disabling features of advanced age as you might expect, and not recommended.


  2. Beautifully said, I came via Elizas Reblog of your post…
    And Congratulations upon your good health and Good Will and Intent in being 97 years young.. .. Though I am sure you are a ancient wisdom keeper… I felt the wisdom of your words..

    For it is our will, and our intention as we think into being our very own health and our future..
    I feel personally that our ascension is all due to our being able to hold that Higher frequency through love and compassion..

    Kind Regards..


  3. Thankyou for those kind words. Being well at 97 but lame, with chronic lymphodemia of lower legs and backache disturbing sleep, it is endurable.
    Regarding ascension, in my case I think is reserved after leaving. In my isolation I talk to the devas and complain to my Soul, the only response seems to be,
    “You volunteered”, at which I try to control the unworthy thoughts.


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