Freedom is in danger, enslavement has begun using fear and pandemics promoted for your Health.A certificate of vaccination is being envisaged in the next stage, after vaccination made mandatory by government.

It will not last, in the meantime some interesting facts. 

What do we really know really about Freedom.  After the world has rejected the tyranny proposed for a world government, you think you will be free.                                                            

   I ask you to take note you are not entirely free as long as you are human, invested with a body which demands care and service to maintain function, and will serve you well if you look after it.  

You agreed to be a slave to its demands for sleep, meals and inherent bodily functions in your freedom.

There are existences free of such limitations in Freedom of ascending frequencies in the Metaphysical.     

This holds in testimonies of Mystics and Yogis, and features of the After Life obtained in researches and hypnotism.

The idea of spending long lives between reincarnations makes the physical more endurable.                

Confirmation has been expressed in Galactic contacts.                                                                                                                         

 The Journey back to Source of individual monads,  

Described in The Nine Freedoms”, given by Martian Adept, Mars Sector Six through George King.

Freewill at a certain stage is abandoned in the higher states of freedom in spiritual achievement.     

Basic Origin and Nature of Individual Freedom is in The Beginning and stated by Jesus in the 12th Blessing as the  “I AM” in Man.  

 Galactic Freedom required meetings for action by The Planetary Federations. 

 This was a result of travelling into the future in 1995, by the Andromedans who found a tyranny 357 years in the future, which had spread to many star systems.

Research identified the origin in this Solar System centering on Planet Earth.                                              

Information on successful action being taken is now available.

So do not give up pilgrims, present phase must be endured and resisted in anticipation of lives in a future Golden Age, the foundations made in the occult history of Earth in the latter half of the 20th.century.

One thought on “FREEDOM

  1. Hi Peter
    That’s a great point you make about of being slaves to this avatar…..the big question is how do we STOP incarnating….no amount of so called time between lives makes me want to do this all over again.
    Is earth the only planet we can incarnate too?
    I enjoyed this blog Thank you my friend.🥰


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