We all have a Soul and most agree is the same as the Higher Self existing on a high level of spirituality.                                                           

       Known as The Anima Mundi, the Universal SOUL forms the basis for Creation through Mind, which is an energy on an ascending scale relevant to degrees of Spirituality so limited on Earth, but we have Imagination.

The Universal Soul does not change, but souls evolve to unite in a Collective of increasing numbers in Spiritual Evolution.  

All we know has been from Yogi Adepts, Mystics and some biblical texts.

   More was given by Jesus in “The Twelve Blessings” with revelations for followers.

    The Soul as the Higher Self is said to be aware of the different personalities in their experiences, with an agenda for its conscious units in different lives and places, as in the following channelled treatise from Sananda.

   “The Soul’s relations with Source, can be classified as evolving from a basic level written in this table from number 7.

1. Twin Ray
2. Twin Flames
3. Twin Soul
4. Twin Mates
5. Divine Expression
6. Soul Mates
7. Divine Complement

      In The Divine Complement the Phases are displayed in this way:

 7. At number 7, we may meet with our opposite number several times, which mirrors yourself and may reflect negative vibrations. One result is the tendency to have more than one sexual partner throughout a lifetime, as partners age and change. 

 6. A Soul Mate                                                                                Arranged for each rebirth. Encounters are likely to occur at important stages and make a profound effect.                                                                                            They rarely join in marriage, but to journey together in several lives is not unusual.

5. A Divine Expression                                                                                                  Makes a great impression. It may be unpleasant but is a guidance from above.  

4. A Twin Mate                                                                                                                     Not likely to be concerned with romance, is part of a group consisting of at least 144, working in the Galactic Core or on the Earth.  We are all connected in this way with our Group.

3. A Twin Soul                                                                                                 Part of the Twin Mate grouping each individual has Twelve Twin Souls. They are close to the Earth Work.  The ratio of male/female in the group is not always equal.                    Romantic encounters occur within the group of twelve.

2. A Twin Flame                                                                                                       This is on a higher level, a being you have to work with closely from the Galaxy down to the Earth life. This relationship lasts for eons.                                                                                    

There are Seven Twin Flames to which you are connected.                                 

Integration has to be reached before union with The Twin Ray.                                                                                                      The Twin Flames are four of the opposite polarity, another three the same of the indwelling earth unit.                                                                                                These may exist elsewhere than on the earth.                      

The group of Twin Flames are above sexuality in a bond of communal devotion to their work.

 1.  Union of Twin Rays                                                     

It is the ultimate stage as understood by Cosmic Masters.                   

However, there is a range of groupings beyond and above that in an Evolving Collective.”


NOTE The book of The Nine Freedoms describes the different stages through life on the planets. The ultimate being part of a Collective.

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