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Commenting the World temporarily endures. >  What is there you can do about it ?  You are locked up imprisoned in your homes, in the fear and imposed pandemic meekly subjected to the controls, preceding aspects of the Orwellian Dystopia in the guise of a Welfare State. In my advanced age I look with […]

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Originally posted on THE DIVINE HERESIES:
That which is The Force of Love continues to amaze me as represented in the sacrifices of those incredible beings who have gone before so many millions of years ago. This is the theme throughout The Twelve Blessings. We are seeing an example of this in our planet Earth,…

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The Army of The Silver Legion

Although you are aware how we are experiencing the Third Word War, in a way which has been planned for more complete control as never envisaged in the Third Reich.    There is also the  Spiritual War ongoing in the hidden planes more important in our victory ensuing. Some is on The Twelve Blessings relating […]

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                            THE SPAMDENIC  More Blog for 2021    Some are squirming in silent fury on the quarantining and lockdowns imposed by puppets of the Cabal, still desperately fighting for the supremacy enjoyed by the Few for so many thousands of years.                                                                                   The majority including the educated and professions meekly comply wearing ridiculous masks, which do […]

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The Ritual of The Presence

( Described by Aetherius and taken from my book) Stand erect, or sit on a wooden chair. Put the left hand over theright hand placed over the solar plexus. Imagine a brilliant whitelight descending from above, filling the brain and penetrating thebody down to the lower end of the sternum (breast bone). It ispossible to […]

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This should be of particular interest to Astrologers FROM MY BOOK “METAPHYSICSAND THE NEW AGE” I will now describe briefly this operation and the more recent arrangements for some spiritual energies to be suitably modified and enhanced, for the benefit of terrestrial man. These energies have always arrived from the other planets but only in […]



COPIED FROM MY BOOK “METAPHYSICS AND NEW AGE” (Another tribute to the genius of George King) The purpose of this operation was primarily to stabilise conditionson Earth, but also to raise human life to become more compatiblewith the New Age, as envisaged by prophets and seers. It wasGeorge King, who during the last years of […]



(Another chapter from my book, ” Metaphysics and The New Age”) THIS WAS THE MOST IMPRESSIVE OF THE METAPHYSICAL OPERATIONS BY GEORGE KING IN HIS PERSONAL SACRIFICES, SPREAD OVER THREE YEARS The objective of this operation was to put into effect spiritual powersources around the Earth by charging certain mountains. In order to do this, […]