The “I AM ” Blog

                                                                  The “I AM” Blog     I was considering my  failure to be more of what I should be, according to the advice of Jesus and other Cosmic Masters.    There is the phrase in the Twelfth Blessing, “I AM in the Absolute behind all creation”, which is really awesome in the implications.  How much […]

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                                         ARMAGEDDON  DENIED        After I read the large Blogs producing fear I decided to write something in the way of reassurance and denial. In the first place, there is the idea of prophecies being subject to Time and the effects of Freewill. Considering Time being effective through Time Lines, the prophesied events become modified […]



Originally posted on THE DIVINE HERESIES:
George King (1919-1979) THE? AETHERIUS? SOCIETY ??? I read the arguments against God in superb mastery of scientific logic.Some have a natural conviction. Others believe as insisted and trained in religious systems of piety and ignorance, as in the saints of yore. ???? Proof is offered through Yoga and…


TheTwelve Blessings

Answers to the great questions are in, ” The Twelve Blessings” which I continue to promote when I can,  knowing the value and their power. They are a Bible for The New Age in the words of Jesus in the book page 53, which were in Italics,          ” Oh adorable little children, take these , […]

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Arrgh, Ghurr and Bah Humbug. It is all lies, the world is a state of renewal. Fear has been imposed on an ignorant people, more concerned in surviving after wars and threats of extinction, which we survived without ever knowing how near we came to the end. It is all a temporary mess we must […]

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More Blog for 2021

Commenting the World temporarily endures. >  What is there you can do about it ?  You are locked up imprisoned in your homes, in the fear and imposed pandemic meekly subjected to the controls, preceding aspects of the Orwellian Dystopia in the guise of a Welfare State. In my advanced age I look with […]

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Blog for 2021

Originally posted on THE DIVINE HERESIES:
That which is The Force of Love continues to amaze me as represented in the sacrifices of those incredible beings who have gone before so many millions of years ago. This is the theme throughout The Twelve Blessings. We are seeing an example of this in our planet Earth,…

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The Army of The Silver Legion

Although you are aware how we are experiencing the Third Word War, in a way which has been planned for more complete control as never envisaged in the Third Reich.    There is also the  Spiritual War ongoing in the hidden planes more important in our victory ensuing. Some is on The Twelve Blessings relating […]

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