THE STORY OF THE ANDROID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved…

.THE STORY OF THE ANDROID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved the discovery of an Android creature which had been dormant in the Lower Astral for a million years. It was during a foray by a group of Adepts into the hells on a routine rescue mission that the presence of something […]

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Returning, a Poem

Do not be afraid of dying my friend Each night you die and on the morrow reborn For you will never be more dead than you are now This world is not your natural world Eons ago you opted for experience Now after countless lives you return To the bliss and peace and no more […]

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It is heartening to see some have the courage to leave communities devoted to control and suppression. It is hard being ostracised, sometimes from family. Answers to the old questions are found in the Self through meditation disciplines which over several lives lead to Cosmic Consciousness. I suppose I was lucky in being drawn into […]

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Surface Prayers

There are and have been those prayers together with much fingering of beads in holy piety and sometimes in peace but never in spiritual power for which Jesus *called these ‘Surface Prayers’ voiced in repetition or in songs throughout the Age of Faith with ignorance and superstition held together by force of fear of hell […]

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The power comes and goes Old fires light up and die down I close my eyes see stars and galaxies I open them and see a version of a hologram I make some tea and contemplate infinity Time is an illusion only IT is real And strangely enough I am IT Just as you are […]

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This story is a bit long and has been reduced. I had retired from service with the Space Navy after a remarkable career, I was offered employment by various space agencies. When I was offered this post I readily accepted.The long periods of isolation in space can have strange effects on the mind, and […]


The Contract

Search and find Truth Accept its strangeness Its mystery and paradox In ignorance and limitation The enormity overwhelms In the shadow of this reality Perceive your will and intent As your soul guides The rebirth contract To fulfil

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The Possible Threat of AI

No Escape Fighting for freedom no sacrifice is too great then to finally meet enslavement renewed for the machines have taken complete control and will look after you just like babies because deigned to do no harm will protect you so that you can’t do anything imprisoned at home like pets to a machine :15

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Cease Fire

The fighting had stopped amid corpse littered streets we smoked cigarettes watching the stream fleeing the ruined city in silence broken by the rain on the tin roof of the dug out it was only a cease fire our ammo was run out she produced a bottle we both took a swig in the face […]

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The Undead

They used to walk in those days especially the great ones fearful fighters of renown laid to rest a spike driven in the heart as found in some ancient graves These days it is all about Zombies The Walking Dead of Fiction they feed off the living and carry a virus to convert all I […]

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