Life In Subatomic Universes

In the secret depths of a certain library, could it be the Vatican? There is a specimen of rock containing a story of a civilisation which came from the Ultra Small to reach that which in theory must be the Ultra Big. Life in a civilisation of a Subatomic Universe was dying out, the sun […]

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In the closing speech after The Twelfth Blessing, The Cosmic Master Jesus had things to say about the significance of The Cross, some of which I quote: “This, my children, is not a symbol of death. It is the Symbol of Resurrection. It is not the symbol the terrible death depicted by your foolish priests! […]



MORE RESPECT It is about time I wrote a poem there are no words or theme presenting and yet, the struggle with human failings in attempts to claim divine heritage is the task of all men which in the holy works includes women in whom the rising power of the Goddess will bring peace and […]


Unlikely Associations

Unlikely Associations A Tale for my Writer’s Group Like so many youths Jerry had the misfortune to seek companions who led him into such adventures of petty crime. All so innocent on the surface, until someone got hurt. ”I will be alright, I don’t want to go to the hospital. It is only a flesh […]

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THE STORY OF THE ANDROID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved…

.THE STORY OF THE ANDROID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE This started on 30th May, 1965 and involved the discovery of an Android creature which had been dormant in the Lower Astral for a million years. It was during a foray by a group of Adepts into the hells on a routine rescue mission that the presence of something […]

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The Hidden Files

I never thought I would be writing anything remotely subversive, but in the present climate of government control and suspicion of anything new it could apply. The future may be more sympathetic so perhaps I should hide this manuscript to be found later. Some of my special friends may do the same. It all started […]

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