Now greet the Disclosure for it is openly available to those who want to know strange stuff like space travel and different aliens visiting the Elite feel secure because people don’t want to know conditioned in the ignorance of clever mind control for football and Tee Vee religion takes care of the rest minds too […]

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Maybe Not Again

You may grizzle and whinge as I have done many times yet I know we are immortal and that this human phase is only the essential stage towards another superhuman of much greater ability to see and know more of Reality achieving progress despite lives of ignorance and decadence in the adventure we started so […]

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A Strange Humanity

On the return from the mountain I recorded my experience. The nature of which dictated action whilst fresh in my mind. I only remember a sudden bright light and a small sound of something falling followed by a cloud of midges which came and surrounded me before I passed out. I faced the blank page […]

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A favourite subject is Sleep In poems frequently portrayed I am fascinated by its mystery how you all take it for granted so much of your life is spent am I the only one curious is there another wife in this other life a different job to sleep until I awake at least that idea […]

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Chauvinistic Laments

I am all for liberation of women and respect for their importance as vessels of creation and aspects of the goddess but the chauvinistic feel still lingers in my generation as I fill the washing machine and all the domestic features imposed on this selfish old man so arrogant and self righteous since bereft of […]

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A Brief Encounter

It happened on a bus there was standing room only it was perfectly normal in London at the stops we jostled to get off a young woman with black hair and green eyes stood before me our eyes met briefly and she smiled I smiled back and then the bus stopped she got off and […]

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Shallow Ground

“Shallow ground, shallow ground” I hear as in the days of my tall ship now the shoals are nigh ready to smash and wreck I heard again the refrain “Shallow ground, shallow ground” To sell ere the bubble bursts or be aground for ever And so to sail free once more where to now my […]

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The Cavalier’s Lament

They were good days The servants were loyal And I looked after them Perhaps I was remiss In seducing the house maids And smacking their bottoms Bu I am not a tyrant Horses are my passion I ride well in the hunt and I am a good shot When challenged to a duel I might […]

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The Devic Forces are in Everything There is a mystical truth in relation to it. As we are all individualised units of consciousness we are invested with a team of intelligent energy forms which are part of The Devic Kingdom. They take care of the balance in your subtle energy flows keeping you healthy, and […]



Ask to get the best from life serve with spiritual power and for the body wellness and full function to the end allied in the peace of mind So look to the sun and ask don’t be afraid of it All is possible for the monad indestructible all powerful in the potential of being human […]

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