We all have a Soul and most agree is the same as the Higher Self existing on a high level of spirituality.                                                                   Known as The Anima Mundi, the Universal SOUL forms the basis for Creation through Mind, which is an energy on an ascending scale relevant to degrees of Spirituality so limited […]

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                                                                                                                                                   FREEDOM                                                                                                     Freedom is in danger, enslavement has begun using fear and pandemics promoted for your Health.A certificate of vaccination is being envisaged in the next stage, after vaccination made mandatory by government. It will not last, in the meantime some interesting facts.  What do we really know really about Freedom.  After […]


       WILL and INTENT

The purpose of this blog is to remind of your Divine Spark, The “IAM” by  which you are part of Creation and can use it in resisting the tyranny.   Creation by WILL and INTENT of the SOURCE after eons of evolution, is  this human phase now experiencing the changes in the Earth.                                                                                                  It […]

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                                                            This is “My New Age”  blog                                          (For enouragement and reassurance in these terrible times.)         The New Age has been guaranteed by metaphysical operations on a grand scale in the years following the world war. “The Twelve Blessings” in 1958 contain information about the great sacrifices made on our behalf.                                                                                                                                                                         Great energies […]


The “I AM”

          I wanted to write a blog on immortality and found myself on this aspect.  We are immortal from the beginning as units of consciousness in the centre of the ABSOLUTE as SOURCE of ALL.  IT is Pure Undifferentiated Consciousness and CREATES.        Writers, philosophers and scientists have written reams for an analysis of Consciousness. […]

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         ASCENSION is described in the achievement of Cosmic Consciousness.   It is required for the Adept to be able to access this under any conditions in the last incarnation on Earth.            George King demonstrated his ability to do this on TV in L.A. proving he was a True Master, the video of which can be […]



       I wanted to write a blog on Salvation counter to its biblical interpretation of judgement after death, as there is none apart that by ourselves.      Sacrifice of Salvation is greater than the sacrifice of one’s life. It may entail the temporary abandonment of an elevated state of consciousness and bliss established over millions […]



   The mystery of Being  merits a long treatise, but briefly herein reduced.     We are immortal units of Consciousness in the words of Jesus in the 12th Blessing of THE ABSOLUTE,  “IT Is The I AM in Man”. Existing from the time of Creation, an idea for all to contemplate. Relax in the […]

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A TIME BLOG SOME THOUGHTS ON TIME Time is an illusion created for linear events producing experience. In the higher levels of spirituality time does not exist. The universe as we can see it depends on both Time and Space. And so, here is a rather rambling dissertation which may be of interest to readers: […]

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EARTH   The Earth is the subject of the 8th.Blessing, a goddess taken on material form more than 20 millions of years ago to allow us to gain experience. Her sacrificing this for a recidivist humanity was ended by the Lords of  Karma 8th.July 1964 in “The Primary Initiation of Earth”.       Vibrations on earth are […]

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